Corey Acri

Think. Strategize. Design. Build.

Using strategy, design, and technology to help build teams, partnerships and products that fix problems.  
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I enjoy identifying systemic problems on the city, industry or institutional scale and using strategy, design, and technology to help build teams, partnerships and products to fix them.

For almost a decade, I have been working with large institutions on collaborative teams that analyze and solve both complex technical and non-technical problems. This includes serving New York City in strategic disaster response and planning efforts to assisting large institutions in delivering effective web-based products to large audiences, as both an in-house product manager and outside consultant.

I have a high-level understanding of product design principles and software development, with experience managing and designing apps and websites as well as writing code in Java, Swift, Objective-C, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, CSS and HTML. 

As an urbanist, I believe in the power of thoughtful city and transportation design to improve people's lives and economic conditions. I also feel strongly that open data and technology can play their part in changing cities for the better. To that end, I am most proud of my work with CyclePhilly, a globally recognized, award winning, smartphone app that is being used internationally to help cities build better bike infrastructure. 

At AG Strategic, I help companies build digital solutions that meet their strategic institutional goals. 

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