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Full Circle

My web and professional career could be traced back to 2001 when, while in college, I was fortunate enough to work at Opus 360, a now defunct internet startup that developed a web app for IT workforce procurement/ management. While there, I was a user interface designer. Back then, CSS was just taking shape and we were using it in some pretty cool ways.  I served as one of the liaisons between clients and developers, mocking up specs based on client needs and managing client expectations while conveying some of our technical limitations.

I eventually left Opus before the bubble burst, finished college, attended law school and pursued a successful law career.

I left legal practice in 2012 and circled back to web design, finding my current position as assistant director of communications for the School of Law at Drexel University.

For the past several months I have worked on the complete aesthetic overall, major content restructuring and responsive redesign of the law school's site.  Starting with simple mockups, I found myself playing a similar role to the one I played at Opus.  However, this time, I put on my user experience design hat to work with the wonderful team of developers that made the site a reality,  I drew upon some of the the logical thinking and project management skills I developed as an attorney.  In addition, I was able to employ editorial skills to reorganize over 2000 pages of content, and most importantly, analytical skills to help identify and implement some much needed user experience improvements.

The site may not be perfect, and still has some kinks to work out, but it is something I helped build that I can be proud of.  It is my first major accomplishment as lawyer-turned-web-professional. Check it out and there will be much more to come.

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